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Oregon Is Going Green With Cirrus Commercial Cleaning

As a green cleaning company in Oregon, we improve the quality of life within the facilities we clean. Our green cleaning system includes: backpack vacuums that are “HEPA”, UV-C light, microfiber cleaning cloths and floor cleaning equipment. Responsibility in green commercial cleaning for the environment and our clients’ health is a key part of our program.


Cirrus Clean Chemicals Are Green Seal Certified

As an innovative commercial cleaning company, we always look for the best technology to serve our clients. We use a line of environmentally friendly, green cleaning products (Eco Cleaning) to specifically meet our demands of high cleaning quality. The fusion of these products with our cleaning processes provides our clients with the quality service they deserve. These green cleaning products:

  • Improve productivity and customer satisfaction

  • Meet and exceed state standards for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) compliance

  • Reduce environmental and health risks associated with cleaning products

  • Deliver consistent premium results

  • Use biodegradable ingredients.

  • Have no adverse chemical reactions

  • Improve the air quality of the indoor “built environment”

  • Contain no known carcinogens or human or reproductive toxins

  • Fulfill the promise of “Cleaning for Health”

Latest Microfiber Technology Reduces Chemical Usage By 50%

Anti-microbial cloths contain a patented agent that is permanently bonded to the ultra microfibers and helps to eliminate nearly all bacteria and contaminants that are trapped. Microfiber flat mopping is a more efficient way to clean floors. It leaves a dry, polished and much cleaner surface than regular cotton fiber products.


Backpack Vacuums Make Your Facility Virtually Allergy Free

The combination of several filters removes hair, pollen, dust, molds, and most bacteria particles down to 1 micron at 98.1% efficiency. These modern and powerful backpack vacuums allow the operator to easily reach hard to clean areas and deliver better results much faster. Another cost saving feature for the client!


Cirrus Green Cleaning Program Means:

  • Waste/Cost reduction

  • Risk mitigation

  • Enhanced public relations

  • A healthier, safer workplace

  • Reduce environmental impact

  • Highest quality commercial cleaning services

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